A Right Royal Send-Off

Last night I went to a funeral. The fact that it was held in the evening was a bit unusual. It was the “home going” for a 94 -year-old woman I’ve known most of my life. I wouldn’t say I was a close friend but I certainly knew her and had once attended a wedding shower in her home. Her oldest daughter was a year older than me but I was probably better friends with the daughter who was a year younger.

This woman held a place in the lives of many people all around the world. She was the wife of one of the officials of the UPCI and as a result was known to many. It was endearing to learn last night that she worried if anyone would come to her funeral, a concern I share. She didn’t need to worry; the church was nearly full and the service was live streamed as well.

She had four children. Each of their families was represented by a speaker. A group of grandchildren sang a special song for her. There were one or two congregational songs in the program between speakers. As expected, several ministers spoke as well.

All in all, the funeral lasted over two hours. It was a right royal send-off for a very special lady.

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1 Response to A Right Royal Send-Off

  1. Susie says:

    I saw it live streamed, and I agree that it was a royal sendoff for a wonderful, regal, humble and caring lady. The remarks by one of her daughters concerning her hanky, glasses, wallet and wrinkle cream was especially touching to me, as this dear lady will not need any of them any more. My only disappointment was that they did not show the people passing by the casket at the end. I had hoped to get a glimpse of you.

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