Going On

Yesterday’s visit with the eye doctor wasn’t as satisfying as I had hoped.  There was good news:  the implants are healing as desired.  The downside was that the swelling and dryness which is contributing to my continuing itchiness must be addressed by adding still another drop to my mixture.  Plus I’m to go back again in three weeks.

The visit with the GP wasn’t satisfying either except I had lost three pounds.  That was the good news.  However, my A1C was higher.  I was scolded about that and admonished to do something about it.   The scolding was administered by the nurse practitioner, not the doctor.   I’m not fond of seeing nurse practitioners when you’ve made an appointment — you think — with your doctor so that left me disgruntled  After medical visits like that, I’m not sure getting older is worth it.

So here I sit at the computer being grumpy.

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One Response to Going On

  1. Susie says:

    I can certainly understand your being less than thrilled with you medical adventures this week. I agree that getting older does have it’s challenges, but I have never forgotten the video I saw years ago of a 100-year-old woman with white hair and thick glasses, tromping and slogging around in the Florida Everglades. She was totally involved in research. I would like to be like that woman, although I don’t think that particular field would be my passion. Maybe we can do something like that together!

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