Long Holiday Weekend

This is the Memorial Day holiday weekend.  It seems too early to me.  I’m still of the opinion the Memorial Day is May 30 but, of course, we know that it was changed to the fourth Monday in May.  It remains, however, the beginning of summer with barbecues, parades and concerts on the agenda.  Do you have special plans for the holiday?

There was to be a special service at church this morning.  I’m missing it because I have nothing to wear.  I didn’t get the laundry done this week and I truly have nothing clean that I could wear to church.  That’s a poor excuse for not attending.  I am also having some intestinal issues.  I’ve been plagued with constipation ever since I started using the eye drops which makes it difficult to get started in the morning.  I think a stool softener is going to be added to my daily routine.

I don’t have any special plans for tomorrow.  For years I attended the Comptom Heights Concert Band’s concert on Memorial Day.  The last few years I went, the skies would open at 3 p.m. (the start of the concert) and pour rain, usually accompanied by thunder and lightening.  The weather forecast for this weekend is a rainy/stormy one so there’s no way I want to attempt the concert.  Driving there in rain could be an adventures I’m not prepared to attempt, especially since I’m recovering from eye surgery.

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One Response to Long Holiday Weekend

  1. Dear Charlotte,
    I hope you had a good Memorial Day even without the concert, and that you are continuing to heal up. I posted the Harris bag to you today. Enjoy it in good health!
    All the best,

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