Bits and Pieces

Today I have some bits and pieces of news before my second eye surgery tomorrow.

Last Sunday we honored our graduates at church.  This is always a favorite service of mine since part of it includes a video interview with each student.  Not having a student of my own, I often don’t know the kids very well so it’s interesting to learn what school they attended, what subjects they’re interested in, their future plans, etc.  The service is followed by a cake and punch reception in the fellowship hall.  Each student has a table they can set up showing their awardes, etc.  Going from table to table is interesting, too.  A nice slice of cake and a cup of punch is a bonus.

Today my car is in for service.  It’s getting a recall repair done but also a lot of other maintenance repair as well.  The car dealer gave me a rental car to use while mine is in the shop.  It’s an Impala and I must say I quite like driving it.  I wonder how much one of these cost.  My car is a 2004 model and I probably should start thinking about replacing it at some point.  However, the mileage is fairly low for its age and it still runs well so I’m reluctant to do anything about replacing it, especially after the cost of today’s maintenance.

My sister and her husband are off to Europe tomorrow for a long-awaited trip.  I hope they enjoy themselves.  They’ve never done such a trip.

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