Making Progress

Progress continues with my eye surgery recovery. Today’s check-up ended with my being told the eye had healed enough that the restrictions on lifting weight and bending over were lifted. So I have a week without having to deal with those while I wait for the second eye surgery. Still must continue with three of the eye drops. I was happy that the vision issues I experienced last week on the drive home were absent today. Of course, I didn’t have as many drops put in my eye. Last week I think at least three lots of drops were put in; that was probably why I had so much difficulty seeing on the drive home.

One annoyance has been not being able to shampoo my hair since I couldn’t bend over. Earlier today it dawned on me that I could go to the Great Clips at the supermarket and get my hair shampooed. So that’s what I did. It only cost $5 and was worth it. I expect they’ll see me again before I’m finished with this eye surgery gig. It was a nice cheap treat.

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3 Responses to Making Progress

  1. christinelaennec says:

    Hello again, Charlotte. I’ve realised I don’t have your last name. When you have a chance, could you post a comment on my blog, with just your last name? Then I will get the tote bag in the post.
    I know you are having your second op today, so you will have other things to do. I do really hope that it goes very well, and that you’re soon on the mend.
    All the best, Christine

    • 5216char says:

      Sorry … my last name us Thomas. Thanks, again, for the tote bag and also for removing my address from your website. I hesitated about putting it there but when my email system didn’t recognize/use your email address I didn’t know what else to do.

      My surgery went well. I had a post-operation check-up this morning and the doctor was satisfied with how things are progressing.


      • christinelaennec says:

        Thanks so much, Charlotte. I’m sorry you couldn’t get through to my email address – but we’ve worked it out. I’ll post the bag on Tuesday, as we have a long weekend here. Sorry about the delay. I’m really pleased to hear your surgery went well and you’re recovering well. I’ll let you know when the bag is on the way!

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