Tomorrow’s the Day

Well, tomorrow’s the day for the first of my cataract surgeries. My nephew was going to take me since the practice insists I have an adult bring me and stay with me the entire time. Yesterday he called and the news wasn’t to my liking … his work schedule has been changed and he can no longer do it. However, his significant other can take time off from her job and she’s coming to take me. She’s a very nice person and I appreciate her doing this when we’re not as yet related.

I feel a little nervous about the whole thing. So I’d like it if you could keep me in your prayers tomorrow.

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2 Responses to Tomorrow’s the Day

  1. PA Jeannie says:

    Positive thoughts and prayers for you. I’m sure it will be fine.

  2. Susie says:

    I am sorry I just saw this post–a day later. Will keep you in prayer for an uneventful recovery. Please keep us posted.

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