Avoiding Things

I find I’m avoiding things this week. I was invited to a year-end lunch for the reading tutors. I felt like I’d be a fraud if I went. I know only a few of the current tutors … most of the ones who trained when I did have dropped out .l.. and that coupled with the fact I missed most of the year due to illness leading to my resignation from the program just seemed to tell me I had no business attending that luncheon. So I didn’t.

Today was a scheduled Open House at Joann’s. The main push was to sign up students, especially kids, for summer classes. I woke up late and, frankly, just didn’t feel like going. So I called and told the class coordinator I wouldn’t be there. I was able to tell her about my upcoming cataract surgery so that was good. She had scheduled me for a class just a week after the first surgery. I told her she would do well to find someone else to teach that class since I wasn’t sure what my vision would be at that point.

Are there things you’re avoiding?

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