Meeting Old Friends

For a number of years, I’ve subscribed to a particular devotional book. One of my guilty pleasures is skipping around in its pages, reading first one bit and then another when I first get the book. Later, I settle down and read it as intended, one devotional each day.

Yesterday I got the volum for 1995 out and started reading in it. It was like meeting old friends. There were people in there I hadn’t read or “heard from” in years. I wonder what they’re doing now.

Have they stopped writing devotionals? Are they writing other things? What’s going on with the children they mentioned back in 1995? Guess it’s time to Google them and see what I can learn.

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1 Response to Meeting Old Friends

  1. Mary Ann Powell says:

    Are you talking about “Daily Guideposts”? I use that too and the writers feel like family to me.

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