Odds and Ends

I’m late posting to the blog because of more computer problems. I think I’ve got them sorted now. At least I hope so. Replacing the computer isn’t in my budget.

The monthly travelogue was last Friday night. The topic was ancient America. The lecturer had pictures of and talked about ancient civilizations in America, starting in the East. It seems most of the people in that area were mound builders. I was pleased he included Cahokia Mounds which are nearby in Illinois.

After intermission we moved to the Southwest where the native people lived in cliff dwellings. I know this area holds a lot of fascination for some people but I find it terribly uninteresting and drab to look at. It made my legs hurt to think of the climbingg necessary to see the things he showed us in the pictures.

Sunday I celebrated my sister’s and her husband’s birthdays by taking them to lunch at Cracker Barrell. We like this restaurant with its country style meals. My sister and I had the Sunday chicken speciall while my brother-in-law got the big breakfast meal. We finished off the meal with an apple dumpling which was a more than adequate replacement for birthday cake.

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