I got a copy of an internal email from my local car dealer. A note was written on it that I should call or stop by the dealership ASAP. What was this all about?

I called today and discovered they want to build up their pre-owned inventory. Would I be interested in selling them my car and buying a new one? My car is 10 years old so I’m a little puzzled why they want to buy it. I will say that it looks as good as new after it’s visit to the body shop recently so they’d probably give me a better price for it.

But the answer to their question is no. The price they quoted me for the new car was ‘way out of my price range. They didn’t say how much they’d pay for my car. So, since my car still runs well, and looks good, I’m going to keep driving it.

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1 Response to Puzzled

  1. Susie says:

    They want to sell you a new car. If in the process of doing that, they are able to snag your car for nothing, all the better. You are wise to ignore them.

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