Musical Events

Saturday night I had a ticket to the Symphony. The weather forecast wasn’t very favorable and I debated not going. However, a guest conductor I enjoy was here so I decided to chance the weather. Turned out to be the right decision and I had a most enjoyable evening.

The program was an all Bach program with numbers by Johann Sebastian Bach and two other family members. There were lots of soloists, all pulled from the orchestra. The high caliber of their playing underscored the quality of musicians we have in the Symphony. All in all, it added up to a delightful program.

The evening had a surprise. The gentleman who sits behind me chatted with me a bit. He does that at most concerts when both of us are there. To my utter surprise though, he offered to walk me out to my car which was parked at some distance from the concert hall. I’ve chatted with him for several years now but we’ve never gotten around to introducing ourselves. This suggestion that he walk me to my car was definitely something new. As I drove home I wondered if we’d ever progress to maybe stopping for coffee after a concert. Guess we should introduce ourselves before we get to that point.

Tonight the orchestra had their event where they discuss the programs for the next season (2015-16). The theme for that season is about Music and Words. It sounds like a very enjoyable season. It’s just a shame that I can’t afford to buy a ticket to all the events. Maybe I should start saving some money so I can get some extra tickets.

A reception was held in the lobby after the program was concluded. Lots of nice nibbles … barbecued meatballs, deviled eggs, sage and lemon crostini, potato-spinach-onion puffs, cookies and little fruit tarts. The nibbles very easily took the place of dinner for me.

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One Response to Musical Events

  1. PA Jeannie says:

    Sounds like a wonderful evening – music, food, and a friend. We seem to be stuck in a pattern with every few days bringing another batch of snow, sleet, freezing rain, and/or ice. So far none of the predictions for 6″ + have panned out in my area but these nuisance storms are worse. Had a few late start work days. A birthday group dinner has been postponed 2X along with the January Red Hat gathering set for my house. Happy Birthday early to you.

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