Breakfast Ideas

I’ve recently found two new breakfasts that I quite enjoy. One is pretty obvious … cereal. But it is a granola cereal and instead of using milk with it, I use yoghurt. The yoghurt I buy comes in four ounce cups so I use two cups … in two different flavors. It makes quite a tasty breakfast. One benefit is that I’m not left trying to scoop up the last bits of cereal floating in the milk. The yoghurt glues them all together.

I read on a blog about the writer eating avocado toast. I didn’t have any avocadoes but I did have a carton of Dean’s guacamole spread in the fridge. I keep it to each on my sort of Spanish omelets (another good breakfast) so I decided to try that. I toasted my 12-grain bread and added the guacamole spread. Delicious! Makes a nice change from peanut butter toast.

Have you found any new things for breakfast?

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