What A Shock!

I had called in a refill order on one of my prescriptions. When I got the call yesterday that it was ready to be picked up, I was told the price would be $275! I was sure there had to be a mistake. I called the pharmacy and asked if they had submitted it to my insurance. The clerk checked; yes, they had. It turned out I now have a deductible on my medications. Sure would have been nice if someone had told me about that. At any rate, now that I’ve paid this outrageous fee, the deductible has been paid and the next refill should only be $45. If my doctor would write the prescription for three months instead of just 30 days, it would be slightly less. I’m definitely going to talk to her about this.

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1 Response to What A Shock!

  1. fillyjonk says:

    Also, “formularies” can change. Every year when our insurance renews, we get a list of “these meds are no longer covered at the high rate” and “these meds are now on the formulary.”

    Luckily, the one I need the most has a very low co-pay and it is on the formulary (and is a generic, anyway)

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