Not What I Expected

I was scheduled to teach a knitting class this afternoon. I turned up at the store and was pleased that the education coordinator was there. We had a nice chat about upcoming classes, some ideas for additional classes, etc. There was only one problem … the student never came.

While I was there, a customer stopped by the classroom and asked some questions about the lengths and styles of knitting needles. I ended up demonstrating how to knit in a circle on double-pointed needles. I sent the customer on her way with a tiny sample so she’d know what to do. I tried to encourage her to sign up for a class but she lives about an hour away and didn’t think a class would be feasible.

It felt good to help her … especially in front of the coordinator.

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1 Response to Not What I Expected

  1. crazy4cables says:

    i know things happen but a phone call to cancel would of been polite! i can see now why classes are pre-pay!! so nice of you to help that customer!

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