Progress on the Car Issue

Today I can report progress on the car issue. The insurance company of the man who hit me on New Year’s called. They will cover the cost of the repairs to my car. They will also cover three days of a rental car. Yippee!

The garage where my car is called today. They had gotten word from that insurance company and are going ahead with those repairs in addition to the work I had them originally doing. They will also arrange for the car rental company to change the billing for the rental from my insurance company to the other company. They have been so cooperative and helpful.

The only downside is that it looks like I won’t get my car back until Tuesday. It seems foolish to admit it but driving the rental car makes me nervous. Driving it today may not be too bad except that it is terribly cold. Sunday when I will want to go to church is supposed to be warmer but with sleet and other icy nasties forecast. Not sure I’ll want to attempt that in a rental car. Maybe it’s time to pray about the weather.

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One Response to Progress on the Car Issue

  1. Susie says:

    Great news that your car is being repaired! I’m with you on driving rental cars. They make me nervous in any kind of weather. If the weather is that nasty and sleety on Sunday, please stay home! I’d say the same if you were driving your own car. Years ago when we lived in the midwest, a friend from a neighboring church started for church on a Sunday night and never made it. He ended up languishing in the hospital for months, and eventually died. Not telling that to be morbid, but just as a caution. The roads that wintry Sunday night were horrendous. His wife was badly injured also. He was 38 years old.

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