He’s Not Happy

I just got off the phone with the man who hit me on Thursday. He’s not a happy camper. He doesn’t like my choice of a body shop and he’s not happy about the amount of the estimate which is $913.17. He’s now thinking he’ll call his insurance man again and maybe have the insurance take care of it. Maybe he’ll think to check his mirrors before he goes backing up in the future.

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3 Responses to He’s Not Happy

  1. Susie says:

    Maybe you should take it to the dealer for an estimate. Maybe he’ll like your original estimate better then. Maybe he was expecting to pay $200 since he’s such a great guy. Next thing you know, he’ll say it’s your fault. I believe you have the option of picking your own repair shop, plus you can insist on factory parts instead of generic replacements, which often don’t fit well. Stick to your guns, girl!

  2. PA Jeannie says:

    Probably he’s afraid his insurance rate will increase if he reports it to them.

  3. Nancy Kolb says:

    Susie’s advice sounds good. He sounds like he needs a good serving of humble pie for putting you to so much bother, never mind the damage he caused! Pity whoever is married to him, if he is married!!!

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