Bumpy Start to 2015

The New Year has gotten off to a bumpy start.  I was scheduled to teach a knitting class today.  I was running a little late as I set off for the store.  A block from my house is a stop sign.  There was a black pick-up truck ahead of me.   The driver was going fairly slow but had pulled through the stop sign.  I pulled up behind him.  Before I knew what was happening, he started backing up.  Wham, right into me before I could even honk the horn to warn him.

I managed to back away from him.  He got out and came back to see if I was okay.  I was but I now have a hole in my front bumper.  While we were exchanging information, a state trooper stopped but when he saw what we were doing, he drove on since no one was hurt.

I was late getting to my class but it went well.  Fortunately the day improved after class was over.  I stopped at Panera Bread Company for lunch.  The clerk was so nice; when she learned about the accident, she upgraded my coffee order to a large cup rather than a small for the price of the small.

The man who hit me called and wants me to get a written estimate.  He said if it’s not too expensive, he’ll pay me directly rather than make a claim with his insurance company.  It doesn’t look all that bad — if you don’t mind a hole in your bumper =- but I know it will probably be about $1,000 to replace the bumper.

I do hope today isn’t indicative of how my year is going to go.

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3 Responses to Bumpy Start to 2015

  1. Susie says:

    Ouch! Not the way one wants to start or end anything. Sounds like the man who hits you is willing to take of it, one way or another. So glad you weren’t hurt.

  2. Kiwi says:

    Talk about bringing in the New Year with a bang! Most importantly there were no injuries to either party. Bumpers can be rather expensive to be fixed as I found out first hand when my car was backed into but that will not be your problem. Hopefully the rest of the year will pass as smoothly as the rest of that day.

  3. Jeannie says:

    Glad to hear you weren’t hurt. Unfortunately, repairs seem to cost more than the damage looks. It’s the labor involved. Hope you get reimbursed without a problem.

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