Venturing Out

I ventured out today for the first time since least Friday. This cold has kept me housebound. Sleeping has been much more appealing than attempting any Christmas shopping.

I finally heard from my doctor’s office yesterday. She had some questions. Had I been exposed to the flu? Not that I know of. So she was going to call in a prescription for something for my cough. Okay. The pharmacy at Walmart usually calls to let me know when a prescription is ready to be picked up. However, by late this afternoon, I still hadn’t heard anything.

So I called to ask if they had a prescription for me. They had one but it wasn’t ready for pick-up because they hadn’t gotten their order for today. They offered to try and get it for me elsewhere. Another hour or so went by and I didn’t hear from either Walmart or the other pharmacy.

So I called the back-up store. They had the prescription but it wasn’t ready for pick-up just yet. It would be about 15 minutes. That was good enough for me. So I ventured out to the bank where I could go through the drive-thru and get some cash. Then it was off to the pharmacy. The drive-thru is two lanes but one didn’t seem to be moving. So I got in the other and in short order I had my medicine without exposing anyone to this crud.

A Culver’s is nearby and I really wanted one of their pot roast sandwiches for dinner. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I got there. It looked like every parking spot was taken and there was a long line backed up in their drive-thru. So I went to Burger King next door and got my dinner there … chicken fingers, fries, iced tea, and chocolate pie. I did wonder if some group was having a meeting or maybe some kind of fund raiser at Culver’s. I know it’s popular but I’ve never seen that many people there.

When I got home, I inspected my new pills. The name of the drug was dimly ringing a bell. I looked at an old bottle on the shelf. Sure enough, it was the same drug but in a bigger dose. Too bad I didn’t realize that. I’m to take one pill every eight hours so I figure that will probably work out to be \]breakfast, dinner, and bedtime.

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