Monthly Travelogue

Last night I went to the monthly travelogue at Washington U. The audience was very small. I was a little puzzled why that was so but I suppose the rain kept some folks away.

The topic of the travelogue was the east coast of America from Virginia north to Maine. The lecturer must be a birder because most of his pictures were focused on various species of birds. He said he’s asked how he can get the birds to sit so still so he can get such outstanding close-ups. He said it takes two things: food and super glue. He puts a dab of the glue on the branch and then sticks the food into it. The bird has to work very hard trying to get the food out of the glue. Seems a bit unfair to me.

He also liked lighthouses. I doubt there was a lighthouse anywhere on the east coast that he didn’t take a picture of it.

So it was not the most interesting or exciting travelogue but it was okay for entertainment on wet evening.

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