Day for Errands

Today I must do some errands. I got the banking out of the way but I still need to return some books to the library. The trick will be to avoid checking out any more. If I bring home some books, I’ll find all kinds of excuses for reading them instead of doing chores. It was ever thus … I remember my mother having to pry me out of a book to practice my music or do my chores.

Once home from the library I must make a start on the laundry and some general tiding up around here. I still haven’t decided whether or not I’m going to put up Christmas decorations. I received my first Christmas card yesterday so I need to make up my mind about sending cards/e-cards this year.

Have you joined the shoppers this weekend? So far, I haven’t but I might stop tomorrow afternoon and pick up some things for the “little kids” for Christmas.

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