Today is Thanksgiving. Among the many things I have to be thankful for is the presence of my nephew at our Thanksgiving table. He got to come home from the hospital on Tuesday evening.

It appears my sister and I have been passed over in the holiday hosting efforts. My niece claims Thanksgiving as “her” holiday. I think this is the third year we’ve gone to her place. Since her younger brother’s love life has increased the size of our family by five people, she agreed to let me bring something. She requested an apple pie. I went to Sam’s Club and got one of their oversized pies. It was quite tasty. She had baked two other desserts so small little pieces of each was plenty of dessert.

My younger nephew and his significant other are buying a house. They close on December 10 and are on the schedule to host the family Christmas. So all our lives are changing.

I suppose this change in who hosts the holidays is only a natural part of life. It’s like we’ve passed the baton to the next generation. I wonder if I’ll be allowed to contribute to the Christmas dinner.

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1 Response to Thanksgiving

  1. Susie says:

    Allowed? As the elder of the clan, you can assert your position and rights at any time to bring anything you wish to any gathering. You go, girl! Enjoy yourself! Remember who you are!

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