Baking A Pie

My church is having its Thanksgiving service tonight followed by pie and coffee in the fellowship hall. I was asked to bake a pie. I agreed to bake a pumpkin pie (thought that would be the easiest) and I’m now waiting for it to finish.

It has turned out the pie wasn’t as easy as I though it would be. For openers, I wanted a disposable pan to take it in so I didn’t have to worry about getting a “good” pan back. The supermarket didn’t seem to have any of the deep dish ones that I had my mind set on. So I settled on the next best thing.

While mixing the pie filling, I discovered I was out of ground cloves. I had nothing I could substitute since I had already dumped in the cinnamon and ginger. If I hadn’t, I could have used pumpkin pie spice. So who knows what my pie is going to taste like.

It’s in the oven now and I’m hoping it will cook. It’s not looking too promising at the moment. I’m definitely glad I agreed to buy a bakery pie to take to my niece’s on Thanksgiving.

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