Winter Is Here

Winter has arrived. The low temps are in the teens and the highs haven’t been much above 25. Last Thursday there were a few slow flurries. The student I tutor on Thursday told me it’s not supposed to snow in November. Guess November didn’t get the memo.

It snowed all day Sunday. We got about two inches. It was a polite snow and stayed mostly on the grass and shrubs. The streets remained clear so driving wasn’t a problem,

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1 Response to Winter Is Here

  1. Nancy Kolb says:

    Our snow wasn’t at all “polite”. We have snow and ice all over. An off duty police officer in our county was killed when he hit an icy spot, careened into the front of a school bus, and also hit another car. No one else was seriously hurt. The funeral is tomorrow morning. Our exercise leader knew his family and plans to attend the funeral, so I will be leading exercise.
    I wanted to go to the open house at the Honeywell Center tonight to enjoy the decorations that are always so spectacular, but it is blowing and so cold. I am not sure I want to go. I have little while to decide. šŸ™‚

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