Quiet Halloween and Weekend

Halloween was the quietest one I can ever remember. I don’t hand out candy. I’m uncomfortable opening my door to kids when I don’t know them or their parents so I’ve never handed out treats since I moved here. But usually I can hear groups of children going down the street. I didn’t hear any last night. I just wonder if the children in the neighborhood have grown up beyond trick-or-treating age.

Maybe the nippy weather had something to do with the lack of ghostly visitors last night. After summer’s brief return, the weather has cooled off. In fact, you could say it turned cold. There were frost warnings out for last night. It is supposed to get a little warmer by the first of the week but winter is on the way. Guess I should look at getting out some warmer clothes.

Today has also been quiet. Very little traffic going by. I’ve spent most of the day reading. I enjoy days like today.

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1 Response to Quiet Halloween and Weekend

  1. Susie says:

    I didn’t hand out candy this year. Made sure there was no light showing, and even taped over the lighted doorbell! It was quiet here also. I looked out the front blinds a few times, and saw a few parents with their kids, and two small groups of older kids. And that was it.

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