Election Judge Training

Next Tuesday is the mid-term election. I’ll be working as an election judge again. So this afternoon found me driving to Hillsboro to attend judge training.

You would think that after working as many elections as I have, I’d know it all and not need to attend training. But I find there is always something new to me. This time it was a change in our procedure to number the voters. Instead of having to enter the page number where the voter is listed onto a separate sheet, we’re going to use a sticker. This is expected to make reconciling our books much easier/faster if our vote counts get off.

It was a pretty drive to Hillsboro with the hills covered in bright colored autumn leaves. Coming home I took a different route and discovered a lot of what I suppose are called coves between bluffs. The grass was usually still green in them. The houses were back in the coves and I suppose the bluffs shield them from some of the more severe weather.

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