Summer Returns For A Visit

After adjusting to fall weather, summer decided she needed to pay us another visit.  Today the high is to be 80 and the same thing is true for Sunday and Monday.  I’m not ready for this.  I was quite enjoying the cooler temps.

But fall is on the way.  The trees are beginning to shed their leaves while some of the remaining trees are changing color.  As I drove home from doing errands, I wished I could smell burning leaves.  Some areas prohibit the burning of leaves but you can still do that where I live.  To me, that’s the smell of fall.

It’s interesting how each season seems to have a smell all it’s own.  Fall is burning leaves.  Winter is brisk cold temps with maybe a hint of snow in the air.  Spring calls for the smell of early blooming flowers and summer is ripe with the odor of barbecue from the neighbor’s grill.

Do you have a favorite seasonal smell?

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