Fun Knit Class

I was asked to teach a knit class this evening. The topic was a garter stitch hat. As it happened, I had made a small version of the pattern — all except closing the top and then sewing the seam — to use in a class should one be scheduled. I knew there was no way a student would be able to knit an entire adult size hat during the class period. This way, they have a small one to go on a doll or teddy bear or as an ornament on the Christmas tree.

It was a good class. I just had one student but she was so interesting. Her husband retired about 14 years or so ago and they bought a fifth wheel and just traveled. They’d go south in the winter and head north in the summer. They’ve sold it now — her husband is 80 — and have come back to this area because their daughter lives here.

She was a pretty proficient knitter already although she’s mostly been crocheting She completed her small hat with time to spare but rather than start the big one, she asked me to show her other things which I was happy to do. It’s be great if all knitting classes went as well as tonight’s.

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