Student Skipped Class

I was contacted toward the end of last week and asked if I could cover a knitting class at Joanns last night. I agreed to do it. The class coordinator got the materials ready and I turned up to teach the one student who had registered. She never showed up! I waited 25 minutes in case she was stuck in traffic but at that point I decided I might as well leave. So I did.

I was desperately low on gas so I made a quick stop at a nearby filling station to get $20 worth of gas. Then with my tummy reminding me that it was definitely dinner time, I went to the nearby KFC. My intentions were to go through the drive-thru and get one of their to-go cups. However, there was probably six cars ahead of me in line and this KFC’s drive-thru is not known for speedy service so I decided to go inside and eat there.

Service inside was speedy. It wasn’t long at all until I was eating my fried chicken dinner, mashed potatoes with gravy, coleslaw and biscuit. Tummy was quite pleased with me. I was rather pleased with me too.

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