Seasonal Change

Even though our weather has been just delightful this week, I can see signs that the seasons are changing. There’s one large tree on the street leading to the highway that has already turned color. It’s not as bright as it usually is but it’s a pretty thing even so.

I was driving through the shopping area on my way to Wal-Mart and discovered an arrangement of bushes/shrubs in front of Gander Mountain had already turned bright red. I can’t remember the name of those bushes but seeing them in their fall red is cheering. They’re not exactly pretty the rest of the year. They are just ordinary green bushes a lot of people plant in their landscape. I think they must do it with an eye toward the fall color. Maybe the name of the bush is butterfly bush.

I’m sure I’ll see other signs of the change of season if I just keep my eye open for them. What changes are you noticing?

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1 Response to Seasonal Change

  1. Susie says:

    Out here, there there’s not a whole lot, except that with the recent rains, trees, shrubs and flowers are looking rejuventated at the moment. And our lemons are ripening–yellow instead of dark green.

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