A Pleasant Surprise

Yesterday I had to go to the lab to have blood drawn in preparation for my doctor’s appointment on Monday. As I drove through the hospital campus, I saw signs indicating that they were having a blood drive. I expected to find a back-up at the lab and a long wait to have my procedure done. That was not the case. There was just one person ahead of me.

It must have been my day to expect the worst. I saw that the attendant was a man and I was hit with “Oh, no, it’s probably going to be a painful draw which will leave me with a big bruise.” Nothing could have been further from the truth. That gentleman slipped the needle in so softly that I almost didn’t feel a pinprick. In only a few moments the deed was done and I was on my way to breakfast. This morning I only have a teeny bruise where the needle went in.

I’m so thankful for people who are skilled at their jobs … especially when that job involves sticking me!

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