Isn’t it odd/interesting how some events are locked into our memories? Mention of it and you are immediately once again at the place where you first learned of it. The assassination of President Kennedy is one of those events. I’m once again standing in the shoe department at Famous-Barr. I worked there at the time and a number of employees made their way to the electronics department to watch the televisions on display as the news unfolded.

Today’s date and memory takes me back to that hotel room in Perth, Australia where I watched in horror as the news was reported. It was hard to take it in … this wasn’t a horror movie being shown on the TV; this was happening back home in the U.S. I was again feel the gentle hug of a fellow tour member when I got to the breakfast room and hear again his whispered “I’m sorry; I’m so sorry.”

Perhaps memories like these will help us make sure the events are not repeated. But, frankly, the daily news doesn’t offer much hope in that direction.

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