Grandparents’ Day

Today is Grandparents’ Day.  There was a special service honoring them at church this morning.  It began with a free breakfast for them.  I missed the very beginning of the worship service because I was finishing up my Sunday School secretarial duties so I didn’t get to see the little kids.  I imagine they either recited a poem or sang a song.  I did hear the congregation singing an old song.  That’s a real tip-off that it’s Grandparents’ Day.  We never sing those old hymns any other time.

The offertory was a piano solo by a white-haired grandmother I didn’t know could play the piano.  She played Prayer Is The Key To Heaven But Faith Unlocks the Door, another oldie but goodie.  I knew it sounded familiar but it took me a while to put the words with the tune.

One of the teenage boys prayed a blessing on the grandparents.  A grandmother and a grandfather each spoke briefly about being a grandparent.  When it was time for the sermon, it was done in two parts — one by a grandfather who is a retired minister and one by a grandmother who is a writer … and excellent speaker.

All in all, it was a good way to spend a Sunday morning even though I’m not a grandmother.  The closest I’ve come is being a great-aunt.  I didn’t know three of my four grandparents; they died when my parent (their child) was still a child.  I wasn’t particularly close to my grandmother due to the economic differences between my family and her other grandchildren.  I do have fond memories one of my great-grandmothers.  She was my Little Grandma.  As a child, I thought we shrank as we got older because I was taller than her every time we went to visit.  I didn’t realize I was the one doing the growing; she wasn’t shrinking.  She made a bit of a pet of me because I was the daughter of her favorite grandson and had the good fortune to be born on her birthday.

Grandparents are special.  I hope you have good memories of yours.



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