This post is a bit of miscellaneous news with no real theme.

First of all, Edin. He is home from the hospital now. Got to come home Thursday which is amazing since originally the doctors said he’d be in the hospital for a week. They said he was doing so well that he could come home early. As I reminded my nephew, there were a lot of people praying for Edin. Thanks to all off you who kept Edin in your prayers.

I got asked to teach a knitting class tonight. I’m concerned about it. It’s sort of an intarsia knit tote bag. I can do intarsia but it’s not my favorite type of knitting. Needless to say, learning this morning that I was to teach the class this evening, I haven’t had time to knit a full-size sample. I decided to try a scaled down version of the motif. I’m struggling with it. I hope my explanations and demos during class go better.

Today is my nephew’s birthday. Tomorrow is Edin’s birthday. So, at the last minute, a combined family birthday party has been planned for tomorrow. I’ve been invited. Now, I just need to get cards and gifts for two guys as well as teach that class. I hope to get the shopping accomplished on my way to class.

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