Summer is here

After a cooler than normal, delightful summer, the hot and humid weather arrived this week. I guess we should have expected it because my church is having Summerfest this coming Sunday. This has been described as a combination of Friends’ Day and the annual church picnic. Several times the church picnic has had to be cancelled because of the weather … either beastly hot or heavy rains or something. I don’t think they’ll cancel Summerfest but the heat may have an adverse effect on the attendance.

The day is to start with a worship service in the sanctuary with a children’s church in the fellowship hall for the 3 to 11 set. Nursery will be provided for the under 3s. Then we all go outside for a picnic lunch/bbq. I’m to take 5 lbs. of potato salad. I’m taking the easy way out and buying this at the supermarket deli because I don’t have pots big enough to cook that many potatoes. When you cook for one, you have small pots.

If only the weather will cooperate, this should be a fun day.

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