Today was Open House at Joann’s. All the teachers were asked to come for at least part of it. I arrived about 12:15 p.m. and met an employee who was doing a demo on knitting on a round loom. She claims it is easy but I’m not convinced. I have a set of the looms but haven’t mastered them.

Another employee was doing a demo of some tie dye pens. That looked rather interesting and she seemed to enjoy working with them. She was hindered by not having a bucket of water and did the best she could with a wad of wet paper towels.

In a bit in came a crochet teacher I met last year. It was nice seeing her again. She was working on a granny square.

Next up was Trish, a very talented woman who has taught sewing, quilting, scrapbooking, crochet, and heaven only knows what else. She was fired, I learned today, some time last year by a store manager who has also been fired by now. It’s a good thing I don’t know all the store gossip. But Trish will be back very soon once her paperwork is completed. She was working on the cutest pair of felt baby booties ever.

I worked on the class sample for the October class I’m scheduled to teach. It’s a very boring garter stitch beanie. I think I need to work out a “miniature” version because there is no way students will be able to knit it in a two-hour class. All the “fun” stuff they need to learn comes only after they’ve knitted 6.5 inches of boring garter stitch. Guess it’s a good thing I started now prepping for an October class.

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  1. I hav Loom and started a scarf. Wish I had a person with me to help. Im not a Pattern Genius…yet hehe. Teach my how Great for you. Have Fun. Susan MJ

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