Election Judge Training

This morning I went to Hillsboro for my election judge training. It was really just a refresher class since I’ve done this several times. The County Clerk amazed me, as he always does, with his ability to remember our individual names. Guess that’s part of being a good politician. I know hearing myself addressed by my name makes me feel all warm and fuzzy and ready to do a good job as an election judge.

I saw several people I’ve worked with in the past at the training session. These are people I usually only see at the polling place but it’s nice to be recognized and greeted. The County Clerk did his best to speed through the material so we were only there for slightly more than an hour instead of the two hours originally scheduled.

We were also able to vote an absentee ballot while we were there which I did. That saved the county from having to mail one to me and my needing to get it notarized and mailed back. It also meant I didn’t have to worry about voting on election day. The turnout for this election isn’t expected to be heavy so getting free from my duties to vote probably wouldn’t be an issue. But voting today took care of that.

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