Are The Fireworks Over?

Because I live in close proximity to a number of fireworks stands, I always rather dread the July 4 holiday. Usually, the neighbors buy lots of fireworks and start shooting them off almost as soon as they get home with them. This makes for a very noisy period between June 20 (first day the stands are open) and perhaps a week after July 4.

This year that usual noisy period was pretty quiet. That gave me hope that July 4 wouldn’t be so noisy. However, I was wrong. The fireworks started up before it got full dark and went on until after midnight. Some of the fireworks were those massive ones usually shot off at civic celebrations. It looks like flickering lightening outside my windows. If you didn’t know it was fireworks, you could almost imagine thunder sounding. I hope the shooters got it all out of their system last night. Today has been fairly quiet with only the odd smaller firecracker going off.

I feel sort like Scrooge about the fireworks. I know they are pretty and fun for lots of people. But shooting them off until after midnight is a bit much in my opinion. Do your neighbors shoot off fireworks? How do you feel about that?

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