Learning About Herbs

My local library functions somewhat like a community center. Last night there was a program on Herbs. Since I had to return my books, I went along to the program.

I naively thought the program would be about herbs and cooking. However, the program was about herbs used as medicines, particularly in the Ozarks. The presenter had samples of a number of them which were passed around so we could examine the leaves, stems, etc. He also had a slide presentation.

It was interesting to learn how these weed-looking plants have been used to treat various diseases and ailments. One, plantain, contains the chemical we know as aspirin. Most of us are aware that it comes from willow but he pointed out how much quicker it was to get it from plantain. You merely have to chew a leaf whereas you need to cut down the willow and scrape the bark to reach the under part where it appears.

He also had some jars and bottles there. They contained various tinctures and creams made from the herbs. He explained how he made them. Some of the creams were passed around and we were encouraged to sample them.

It was an interesting evening.

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1 Response to Learning About Herbs

  1. I love learning about the herbs and their uses, too, especially those in the Ozarks. Where was this program?

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