I’ve noticed that some of the blogs I read include a list of other blogs that the blog writer reads. I sometimes scroll through the list, reading “new to me” blogs. Do you ever do that?

Another thing I’ve noticed lately. Some blogs include copies of the tweets they’ve sent. It’s a little harder to follow the conversation by scrolling through those but I sometimes do that. One person I follow also lists a blog post. But she seldom writes a real blog post. The only way to get a sense of what she’s doing or thinking is to try to figure it out from her tweets. What do you think about this? I’d prefer to read a real blog post even if it’s a short one.

Last Saturday was Flag Day. I neglected to hang out my flag. Did you put one out? I meant to do some research on the holiday but I neglected to do that as well. What do you know about Flag Day?

Lots of things turning over in my mind. I think a session with Google would put some of them to rest.

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1 Response to Pondering

  1. I like interesting tweets that lead me to interesting blog posts, but I don’t like trying to figure out a conversation or subject by reading tweet conversations. And yes, I also follow blog links to other blogs that are new to me. Sometimes they become great favorites. I found yours because I follow a google alert for “herbs of the ozarks”, which picked up your post about the program you attended at the library 🙂

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