Murder and Mayhem

There was a notice in the newspaper that my local library would host a program on Murder and Mayhem between 1870 and 1911.  The program was tonight.  It sounded like it could be interesting so I hied off to the library this evening.  I needed to go pick up a book they were holding for me anyway.

What I didn’t realize was that I would be attending a meeting of the Jefferson County Historical Society.  I’m not sure how many of their members came but a goodly number of folks had come, like I had, to hear the Murder and Mayhem program.  Once the Historical Society got their business taken care of, the evening was turned over to a clerk in the genealogical department of the library who did the program.

She was so interesting.  Who knew that genealogy could be so interesting.  She focused on five murders which had taken place during the years 1870 and 1911.  She had maps which had the locations highlighted.  She had pictures of some of the people she was discussing.  At the very end, she referenced Kevin Bacon and his six degrees of separation.  She pointed out how all these murders were within three degrees of separation.

Jefferson County has the dubious distinction of having the first woman serial killer as one of its residents.  The woman worked as a nurse and her patients just kept dying.  Turned out she was helping them along with doses of arsenic, most probably in the lemonade she served them.

It was a very interesting program.

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