Memorial Day Already?

It’s Memorial Day weekend. That’s just unreal. How did this holiday weekend get here so quickly? Wasn’t it just last month when we celebrated Valentine’s Day?

All that aside, what are your plans for this weekend? I’m becoming more and more of a homebody and don’t have any big plans. The Shakespeare Festival starts this weekend and I’d sort of like to go. But the park where it is held is crowded beyond belief with picnickers and family reunions with the result of extremely limited parking. A year or so ago I went and drove all around the park — twice — without finding a spot to park. So I’m thinking perhaps another night might be a better choice. Maybe a week night, not a weekend.

Of course, the Compton Heights Band Concert is Monday afternoon. But it typically rains right when the concert starts or very shortly thereafter. Sometimes it’s a real thunderstorm. Guess what the weather folks are forecasting for Monday afternoon … right, thunderstorms. So I think that’s another activity I’ll give a miss.

Something I could do is stay at home and write letters. My poor friends — if I have any left — haven’t received a letter from me in months. Yes, I think the best way for me to remember those who served in the military is to write letters to the friends I have left, living and able to read those letters. I owe such a big stack of letters I doubt I’ll get them all written but my plan now is to at least make a start on the stack. I can even pack a picnic lunch to eat while I’m doing it.

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