Interesting Evening

I had an interesting evening yesterday. The county library in the adjoining county was hosting one of their authors’ evenings. The author last night was Elaine Viets, one of my favorite authors. So I made a point to get to the program.

Elaine has a new book out, Catnapped, and discussed it. It sounds like it would be a funny read. I don’t have the book and chose not to get it there — a local bookstore was there with books for sale — since I have a gift card for B&N that I haven’t used yet. I could also check and see if my local library has it.

Elaine writes what are considered to be humorous cozy mysteries. Prep for writing this book required her to explore the world of show cats. She was so funny as she described some of what she learned about the world of show cats. Her description of some of the cages for the cats — decorated with curtains and feathers and sequins — was vintage Elaine and had the audience laughing out loud.

It was a good evening and I’m glad I drove the 16 miles to the library so I could attend.

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