Problem Solved

One problem was solved yesterday. As an independent contractor for Joann’s, I had access to a website which listed all the classes I could be assigned to teach, the number of students enrolled, handouts, etc. But the last few times I had tried to log-in to it, I was refused. What gives?

After the tutors’ meeting/lunch on Thursday, I drove to the store to check with the store manager about what I should do. He suggested I send an email to the Education Department. However, my message just kept bouncing back and I was getting very frustrated. Then I had an idea … check one of the email ads I get and see if there was some contact info on it. Sure enough, there was a phone number for customer service.

One phone call later and I was connected with a very helpful young man. He explained the problem was as simple as Joann’s being caught in one of the recent hacking episodes. Everyone needed to change their password. I did that while online with him and, lo and behold, everything works fine once again.

While I’m happy to have that problem solved, I’m less happy that no classes are scheduled for me. And I’m left wondering why “corporate” didn’t send out a blanket email advising everyone to change their password. That helpful young man said they had been getting lots of calls just like mine.

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One Response to Problem Solved

  1. fillyjonk says:

    Yeah, I’ve found sometimes in those types of situations, the “big bosses” don’t think about things like sending out a mass e-mail….and the customer service people wind up getting swamped and sometimes having to deal with angry people.

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