Finally, a Tutors’ Meeting

The reading tutors have meetings several times during the school year.  Normally, I try to attend these but this year I haven’t been to one of them.  Shame on me!  Today was the final meeting of the school year and was the annual luncheon.  The group was much smaller than most years.  I only recognized two or three of the other tutors.  Fortunately, they remembered me and seemed glad to see me.

We all had a laugh at Jim, the district coordinator.  One of the things they do at this final lunch is give out awards for those who have served five and ten years.  One volunteer was due to get a 10 year award.  He gave it to the wrong person!  The woman from the OASIS office told him and he had to ask for it back so he could present it to the correct person.  He was embarrassed at his goof.

They had small plants for the rest of us.  I didn’t take one because I’m not good at keeping things growing.  In addition to my “purple” thumb, there really isn’t a good place in my house to put a plant.  I thought it was nice of them to have a gift for all the volunteers.

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