Another Good Women’s Conference

Home from the Women’s Conference. It was another good conference. The speakers were excellent. It’s hard to imagine 1300 women sitting so still that you could have heard a pin drop as they listened. It appeared no one wanted to miss a word.

I stayed at a different hotel this year. It was not as comfortable as the one where I’ve stayed in the past but it was adequate. One annoyance was it had evidently been a smoking room because there was an odor that was hard for me to accept. So yesterday during the afternoon break I went to Wal-Mart and bought a Febreze air freshener. That made things much more pleasant.

The Conference next year is going to be at a new hotel in Springfield, MO. At the moment I’m not sure I’ll go. It’s a much longer drive. I’ll wait and see how I’m doing by then.

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