Easter Weekend

This is Easter weekend. Do you have special plans?

Last night (Good Friday) I attended a musical program at the First Baptist Church in Fenton. Their choir did the program. I was quite impressed with the quality of voices in this choir.

The program alternated Scripture readings with songs. Some of the songs were hymns I haven’t heard much in more recent years. It was good to hear them again, especially sung by excellent singers. The narrator did a superb job of reading as did the “characters” who were choir members as best I could tell. The narrator, for example, would read up to “Jesus said” and at that point whoever he was speaking to read his/her part. It was very well done.

There was one amusing thing, to me. This church evidently has an Amen Corner because after every song a deep-voiced man would say, “Amen.” I never spotted who the man was but you could count on that Amen resounding at the end of each song.

Tomorrow I hope to feel well enough to attend service at my own church. It will be followed by an Easter egg hunt for the younger children. That reminds me of the Easter egg hunts we had when I was a child. I’m not sure how it happened but my mother got the job of boiling and dyeing 12 dozen eggs each year for the church’s egg hunt. This year they are using plastic eggs, much easier.

I’m going to treat myself to lunch at Fazoli’s in Arnold after church. The rest of the day is open.

Happy Easter!

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