Interesting Weekend

How is your weekend progressing? Mine is proving to be interesting.

It started last night with the monthly travelogue. The subject was the Himalayas and the lecturers (there were two) were interesting. I did have a chuckle when I noticed a man sitting in front of me drape his coat across himself and lean his head on the chair back. I think he was settling in for a nap.

I was meant to attend a rehearsal at the Symphony this morning. However, when I woke I was in a lot of pain — that happens when I don’t get enough sleep or not enough good quality sleep — and since I’m going to the actual program tonight, I went back to bed and skipped the rehearsal.

This afternoon was the annual “social” of our Women’s Ministry group at church. It was held at a French restaurant. The food, as you would expect, was delicious and the desserts were picture pretty. The invited speaker was most interesting. She had been a missionary in Pakistan for 18 years. Then she and her husband were in Sri Lanka and Hong Kong and I don’t know where all. They are currently working in the U.S. with an effort to reach all the international people who come to the U.S. but who aren’t Christians.

She made it sound so easy to do this. She encouraged simply being a friend. She pointed us to a website,, where we could find Bible studies and other materials in a wide variety of languages. These can be printed and given to the non-English speaking people you meet.

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