Last night’s travelogue was on India.  It was an older film; the lecturer said he made it 12 years ago.  Watching it, I though, “I think I’ve seen this before.”  Maybe that’s why I found myself waking up when I heard, “Now we’ll  take a short intermission.”  Guess it’s a good thing I sit in the last row with no one near me.

Even on this second viewing, I found nothing about India that would entice me to travel there.  But there was one interesting tidbit.  One of the bloggers I read semi-regularly has moved to Pune, India, with her family due to a job situation for her husband.  I had no idea where Pune is.  I had never heard of it until she moved there.  Lo and behold, on one of the maps included in last night’s showing was Pune!  So I now have an idea of where she is.

Another interesting thing which occurred last night was a conversation I had with a woman who came in and sat in the row in front of me.  I don’t know that I’ve ever seen this woman but she started a conversation right away.  Her first remarks were about the size of the audience and how much smaller it is than the earlier showing.  She had come late to the first showing so had stuck around to see the beginning of the film so she didn’t miss any of the program.  I thought that was rather clever of her.  About 10 minutes or so into the film, she left so I guessed she had caught up to where she had come in.


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