Back To Tutoring

I made it to school to tutor my first-grade student today.  It’s the first time I was there in about three weeks thanks to the sinus/respiratory issue I’ve been dealing with.  I’m gradually feeling better and there really was no reason to skip today. 

We read a book I’ve had for some time, “A Baby Sister for Frances,” but had never used.  This meant I had no activities already prepared to use with it.  So I quick like made a short set of questions (testing comprehension of material) and copied one of the illustrations for a coloring sheet.  This is a cute story about Frances who looks disturbingly like a skunk to me who lives with her parents and baby sister.  She likes to sit under the kitchen sink.  Mother is busy with baby so Frances has to wear a dress she doesn’t care for to school and eat bananas on her oatmeal instead of raisins.  Her solution to her problems was to run away.  She didn’t go far … just under the dining room table and was back home by bedtime.

My student was more enthused about writing a story today than she has been.  The reason?  Her cat had had four kittens.  The male one is black but the others are grey.  She said they’re going to keep two of the kittens but find good homes for the others or maybe take them to a shelter.

I stopped to pick up a prescription on my way home and got a pleasant surprise.  There was no co-pay!  Not sure how that happened but I like it.


Xeroxed one of the

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  1. Mary Ann Powell says:

    Frances is a badger.

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