I’m disappointed.  The Yarn Harlot is doing a book reading/signing at a downtown bookstore tonight.  I had tentatively planned to go.  I wasn’t sure about parking so I went to the bookstore’s website to learn about that.  Parking doesn’t seem to be a problem.  But I found the unwelcome news that they were charging $20 to attend.  I’m sorry but my budget doesn’t include an extra $20 for such an event even though that $20 includes a copy of the book as well as a glass of wine.  I don’t drink wine and I’m reasonably confident the book can be had for less elsewhere, especially after this event is over.  So I’ll miss hearing one of my favorite writers.

I’m wondering how many people know about the $20 charge.  The event was mentioned in the Guild’s newsletter but no mention was made of there being a charge to attend.  I do hope there aren’t a lot of disappointed knitters who must be turned away tonight.

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One Response to Disappointed

  1. fillyjonk says:

    Wow. I can’t think of any author I’d pay $20 just to hear speak in person. That’s really a lot of money to expect.

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